Trainings in Poland

MENTORING – from the very beginning of your employment at TPA, you will receive the support of a mentor who will one of your colleagues from your Team. We know how important the adaptation process is, therefore, in the performance of everyday tasks, you will always be able to count on the support of the experienced members of your Team, as well as ongoing suggestions from your superiors.

ACCESS TO KNOWLEDGE – work in an international company means the ability to share experience and knowledge. When working at TPA, you are able to work with specialists, but also have access to a range of knowledge databases, the newest judicial decisions, and book publications.

DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES AND TRAININGS – for our Employees, we prepare a wide ranging offer of development programmes. These include substantive trainings, language courses conducted by experienced instructors, as well as trainings that allow for the development of soft skills. Employees participate in internal trainings as well as in external trainings that are carried out in cooperation with the best training companies on the market. Each TPA Employee, aside from the possibilities provided by the challenges and tasks at his or her job position as well as participation in trainings, can create his or her own individual development plan. During the annual evaluation talk, Employees are able to develop their own development plan together with their superiors.

INCREASING QUALIFICATIONS - TPA also provides subsidies to Employees obtaining additional qualifications such as: a Tax Consultant certificate, a Statutory Auditor’s license, as well as post-graduate studies and language certificates.

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