TPA offers the possibility of professional development in the following areas:


Tax Consultancy

The TPA tax team is a group of experienced experts, specialised in strategic tax planning, implementing pioneering solutions and investment models, risk management and effective conducting of tax as well as court and administrative proceedings. We solve current legal and tax problems, but also develop long-term strategies, minimising the risk of a dispute with tax authorities and maximising tax savings. We provide comprehensive tax service for investment processes, including due diligence type analyses, optimisations of tax costs of transactions, and designing of capital structures. We draw up opinions and expert appraisals. We conduct tax audits. We obtain firm information about principles of application of tax law regulations.


Audit and Business Advisory Services

Extensive experience and the highest qualifications of our Employees. Efficient risk management. Professional support for decision-making processes and active approach to the resolution of ongoing problems. This is how we understood the role of an auditor and a consultant in TPA.


We conduct audits and reviews of annual financial statements, compliant both with current balance sheet law, commercial law and tax law regulations. Our role, however, does not end with the auditing of the balance sheet but also encompasses assistance in resolving all types of business problems, and provision of useful solutions. Among other things, we offer advisory services and content-based support for companies planning their stock exchange debut, we conduct due diligence type reviews, we deal with risk management aspects, and provide advice on accounting and financial issues. We use the experience gained in the process of provision of auditing services to provide our Clients with business solutions and transaction support.

Transaction consultancy

We propose solutions adapted to individual needs of our Clients, executed at the highest professional level. The projects we support include consolidation transactions – mergers, acquisitions and takeovers, and deconsolidation transactions – divisions, transformations, and also valuations of enterprises and comprehensive support for the negotiation process. 


Accountancy outsourcing

The high level of services we provide, the use of the latest standards and software for processing and archiving data, and also attention to the correct information flow, are the most valued features for our Clients. The professional accountancy outsourcing is not only the keeping of books of accounts. It is mainly the provision of our Clients with the comfort of focusing on the core operations of the enterprise with a conviction that they do not have to worry about its accounting and reporting duties.

Doradztwo personalne

HR Consultancy and Recruitment

Human resources management constitutes the strategic function of each organisation. The TPA HR Consultancy Team offers complex solutions in human resources management, including implementation of recruitment projects, offering temporary takeover of management functions (Interim Management), it also conducts HR consultancy in human resources management strategy as well as creation and implementation of the HR policy. Moreover, our consultants ensure the assessment centre and outplacement services, and conduct psychological, predispositions and managerial tests, and they provide training courses adapted to the needs of individual organisations in their offer.