Accounting Outsourcing

TPA provides a range of specialized accounting services. Accounting outsourcing involves taking over complete bookkeeping and tax settlement functions of our Clients.

The detailed scope of services is fine-tuned to fit the functions performed by our Clients on their own. It may be extended to include additional features such as specialist periodic reporting, cash management and active monitoring of receivables.

Some of the services provided by our accounting team include:

  • Recording source accounting documents
  • Keeping a fixed assets and intangible assets register both for accounting and tax purposes and calculating monthly depreciation write-offs
  • Keeping prepayments and accruals registers
  • Keeping VAT purchases and sales register
  • Calculating monthly VAT liabilities and CIT advance payments and drawing up CIT and VAT returns in line with legal regulations
  • Drawing up obligatory reports for the Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the National Bank of Poland
  • Drawing up general reports in Polish (balance sheet, profit and loss account).

In addition, TPA also offers support in the following areas:

  • Drawing up non-standard periodical reports (in line with individual client’s needs)
  • Contacts with administrative authorities and auditors
  • Updating registration data
  • Assistance in developing the corporate chart of accounts and the description thereof
  • Assistance in developing internal accounting procedures
  • Assistance in transferring ledgers to the internal accounting department
  • Training for employees with regard to accounting procedures
  • Support in drawing up sales invoices and internal invoices.