Valuations are an art as well as a science where Intuition is no less important than being meticulous and thorough. Our Polish and foreign clients – including investment funds – have found this statement to be true on numerous occasions.

Our services include:

  • valuation of business enterprises, organized parts of enterprises, shares and intellectual property
  • handling of closed-ended investment funds (private equity valuations for the purposes of transactions and reporting to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority)
  • fairness opinions – which are evaluations determining whether the price of the shares provided in the call is fair
  • asset  impairment testing
  • purchase price allocations
  • financial instruments valuations to assess their actual and potential usability in the company's financial strategy and hedge accounting
  • verification of valuations made by other consultants.

The methods that we apply to valuation of a business do not differ from those used by specialists all over the world; our secret is how we apply them.

A one size fits all solution that could be applied to all types of business operations does not exist. We always treat a business that the client is interested in selling or buying as if we had a personal interest in finding out the profit that can be earned from the sale or the price to be paid for the purchase. Consequently, we spend a major part of project time on attempts at understanding the nature and specifics of the valuated business.

Our team includes statutory auditors and chartered financial analysts (CFA), with experience in working for Polish and foreign investors, family businesses, and financial institutions - including investment funds.