Accounting Systems Advisory

Accounting system design and implementation advice

Correct processes structure and accounting system design constitute basis for a correctly functioning business. Tidying up information accumulated in an internal control system allows for a much faster retrieval of executive information. Which, in turn, is the basis for an analysis of risks associated with changing market conditions.

A combination of those needs and the requirement to present operational results in compliance with given provisions (The Accounting Act, International Financial Reporting Standards, US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) often presents a challenge for our Clients.

The experience of our consultants gained during the course of a series of jobs entailing designing and putting in place accounting systems facilitates the provision of effective advice on drawing up and implementing accounting solutions for our current and future Partners.

As part of its services, TPA is happy to provide:

  • Accounting policy conceptual design and documentation principles as well as consultations within the scope of valuation,
  • Preparation of accounting systemic documents such as: stock take instructions, emission guidelines, document circulation and control, etc.,
  • An assessment of IT accounting systems, accounting computerisation support,
  • Adaptation of accountings systems to reporting requirements,
  • Drawing up of accounting analyses and opinions,
  • Support in the process of drawing up financial statements and reports,
  • Ad-hoc consultancy within the scope of unusual economic transactions,
  • Specialist training.

We provide comprehensive solutions within the scope of accounting system design and implementation. Our efforts will yield a better quality accounting system and the standards which we put in place will facilitate use of the accounting system management policy into the future. On a daily basis we work closely with other TPA departments and in particular the tax department.