Internal control is a strategic function that allows organisations to shape the internal processes so as to achieve their business goals. Internal audit supports the management in implementing effective and efficient control systems, reporting policies and procedures and establishing corporate governance systems. Companies applying SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) principles must meet high requirements for independence and effectiveness of controls.

TPA supports the development of corporate governance and processes that shape organisational culture and the way the organizations operate. Our services are addressed to both the entities that are subject to SOX regulations and to those that have decided to implement some or all SOX procedures on a facultative basis.

We provide comprehensive internal audit services and internal control system assessments. Our support includes, without limitation:

  • Analysis of the environment of internal control system
  • Risk identification and analysis
  • Analysis of key business processes
  • Identification of inefficient control systems
  • Review of internal procedures
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of internal control systems
  • Participation in implementation of internal audit functions
  • Preparation of SOX compliance documentation
  • Support for establishment of internal audit departments
  • Internal training of internal audit employees
  • Internal control recommendations.

TPA Advisory Team will work out with you the best solutions that allow you to make rational decisions concerning the functioning of internal processes, while minimising the business management risks. Close cooperation and individual approach will ensure professional and efficient service.