Tax Compliance & Advise

Companies that outsource their accounting services generally entrust execution of tax settlements of the company and its employees to an accounting services provider. The companies that are not outsourcing their accounting functions, employ qualified personnel to keep the company’s books and to account for the taxes (insourcing).

In exceptional cases, these functions tend to be split up, e.g. when a company operates in Poland as a VAT payer only, as an establishment for income tax purposes, or – in the case of payroll outsourcing – when it attaches importance to confidentiality and professionalism to accounting for payroll, taxes and insurance contributions. Our tax compliance outsourcing is dedicated to such specific cases, which include:

  • VAT settlements for taxable persons established in another EU Member State and registered in Poland as active VAT payers.
  • Acting as a so-called fiscal representative for taxable persons established outside the EU and registered in Poland as active VAT payers, for which there is a statutory requirement to be represented by a fiscal representative
  • Settlements of foreign persons running their businesses through establishments in Poland (within the meaning of CIT and PIT regulations)
  • Payroll and personnel administration.