Consultancy For Investment Funds

Our key clients include the largest European and global real estate investment funds. These are open-ended or closed-ended funds which, on a fiduciary basis, manage the funds of private or institutional investors put in commercial property portfolios (for a period of 5-8 years), either directly or through special purpose vehicles. 

For many years now Poland has been standing out from other CEE countries in terms of low investment risk, depth of the market, political and legal stability and attractive rates of return as a result of unique opportunities that create added value through tax planning.

TPA provided transaction consulting for foreign funds that have acquired real estate in Poland with the total value exceeding 4 billion euros.

We have unique experience in tax optimisation, transaction risk mitigation, negotiations in the process of transaction preparation, contracting, closing and settlement, valuation of commercial real estate, and in providing specialized consulting services for the hotel real estate companies.

We are also a leading provider of accounting and reporting services (corporate accounting) for SPV companies that own real estate, also based on the most stringent international reporting standards for companies listed on the stock exchanges.

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