Corporate Tax Strategy

1. February 2021 | Reading Time: 1 Min

The CIT Act, amended at the beginning of 2021, obliges companies with revenues exceeding EUR 50 million and tax capital groups (TCG) to prepare and publish information on their tax strategy.

The new level of transparency, envisaged as part of the voluntary tax cooperation agreement programme of July 2020, becomes an absolute obligation for almost 3,000 companies in Poland subject to a fine of up to PLN 250,000.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Finance, the obligation will apply retrospectively, i.e. by the end of 2021, taxpayers subject to it will be forced to report on the implementation of their tax strategy for the period prior to the amendment.

In the alert, TPA Poland experts, Wojciech Sztuba, Małgorzata Dankowska and Damian Kubiś indicate:

  • Who does the new obligation apply to
  • How to develop and implement a tax strategy
  • Deadlines and method of publication
  • Can the solutions regarding the Cooperation Program help in fulfilling the obligation

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