Hotel, Tourism & Leisure

TPA advisors have vast experience in providing specialist services to investors operating in the hospitality industry. They create solutions that combine knowledge of tax and accounting regulations and current industry practice with regard to the various forms of capital commitment, financing structure and operating activity optimisation. 

Advisory services conducted by our experts are primarily addressed to the following customer groups:

  • Investors
  • Hotel management entities
  • Developers and construction companies completing contracting or subcontracting projects related to construction of hotels
  • Investment funds operating on the hospitality market.

Some of our key products in the HTL sector include:

  • Performing tax reviews and identifying potential opportunities for tax optimisation in companies operating with HTL sector
  • Tax planning and tax advisory with respect to acquisition and restructuring processes (mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, in-kind contributions, liquidations, etc.).
  • Elaboration of tax optimal financing structures, identifying possibilities of financing restructuring
  • Advisory on tax settlements of hotels of on-going nature
  • Advisory on settlement of royalties and similar payments
  • Optimisation in the field of fixed assets depreciation, verification of correctness of establishing initial value of fixed assets
  • Tax optimisation and verification of real estate tax settlements
  • Assistance in tax settlements relating to employees benefits (training expenses, payroll services)
  • Audit and financial consulting services (including audits of financial statements and consolidation packages)
  • Advisory on accounting (including budgeting, cost accounting)
  • Economic & financial analyses.