Liquidity support for enterprises

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COVID-19 – business support

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining liquidity is fundamental for any business. Developing an effective financial plan to raise additional funds as quickly as possible is a key challenge that the management of most companies will have to face in the coming weeks.

As part of our practice, we understand your current needs perfectly. Therefore, in order to address them, we would like to offer our support both in the case of standard forms of obtaining financing and solutions proposed by the lawmakers under the so-called “Anti-Crisis Shield”. Additionally, we offer our experts’ assistance in the process of developing a financial forecast in order to effectively and precisely monitor the level of financial liquidity.

Below you will find an offer of dedicated services provided by our experts with respect to each of the proposed forms of obtaining financing supporting the maintenance of financial liquidity in the short-term perspective:

  • Enterprise rescue and restructuring aid under the so-called “New Opportunity Act”
  • Direct support from the Polish Development Fund Group (“PFRG”)
  • “Anti-Crisis Shield” – employment issues.

State aid, as well as obtaining standard financing from banks, bondholders, or the Polish Development Fund Group, requires preparing not only numerous documents, but also financial analyses and forecasts. Our team can support you in your analytical work, using tools prepared for this purpose. Advisory in this area may serve not only to obtain support in the current situation, but also to improve financial management of your business. Our services include:

  • Preparation of a liquidity analysis for the coming months with an indication of the value and timing of possible cash shortages
  • Preparation of medium-term performance forecasts and financial statements
  • Development of business financial plans necessary to obtain financing
  • Valuation for the acquisition or sale of shares