Łukasz Korbas

He has wide experience in accounting and payroll services. In his day-to-day work he is responsible for bookkeeping, payroll, corporate income tax calculations, VAT tax returns, as well as statutory financial statement and management reporting.

He started his business career in 2000. Prior to joining Grant Thornton Poland in 2008, Łukasz held an accounting manager position in a tax advisory company. Then he worked as a manager in Business Relations and Accounting Department at Grant Thornton Poland. In 2010 he joined TPA Poland.

During his professional career Łukasz has been involved in rendering accounting and payroll services to a wide group of Polish and foreign clients, such as: Cooper Industries, Harmonic Inc, A. Kayser Automotive Systems, Recaro, Goodyear, Generpol, Williams Lea, Adobe Systems. His team primarily serves customers with the German capital (German Desk), as well as they specialize in providing services using the SAP system.

Łukasz holds a degree from the Poznań University of Economics in finance and accounting. Additionally he has earned Qualification Certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance for providing accounting services. He is also a licensed tax adviser with a good command of English.


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