Real Estate Guidebook 2017/2018

We encourage/invite you to read the 3rd edition of our accounting and tax guidebook for the construction and real estate market.

In this edition we talk about new topics such as:

  • Increasing number of foreign investments, interested in growing their portfolio in the residential rental market,
  • Issues related to the ATAD implementation,
  • Modification of provisions concerning non-cash contributions with the exception of an enterprise,
  • Planned commercial property tax and its possible impact on investment budgets with respect to buildings and structures,
  • Announced reduction in the ability to deduct debt financing costs.

The tax solutions were based on current (as of the date of publication) tax law, taking into account any major changes that were planned or announced for 2017 and 2018, as well as the most current legal interpretation applied by both courts and tax authorities in this respect.

Publication is free of charge.

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Real Estate Guidebook 2017/2018


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