Real Estate Investment 2020

This brochure offers information, which primarily focuses on investment opportunities in Germany, Austria and the CEE/SEE region for 2020 and is updated once a year. It is intended to provide the institutional investor with a brief, practice-oriented overview of the individual countries in order to create a preliminary basis for possible investment decisions. This brochure can also act as a motivation to look at certain countries, which have not been on the radar for most institutional investors until now. In particular some smaller countries in the CEE region still offer very interesting returns and opportunities.

In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the local markets of European countries faced challenges that no one had to face so far. The simultaneous closure of national borders, suspension of activities in a hotel, tourist and catering industry, suspension of construction sites, imposed social distance and the transfer of work from offline to online – these are just some of them. The swift reaction of the governments has allowed the negative effects to be limited to some extent, but the final consequences of the pandemic and its impact on all industries are at the moment unpredictable. The analysis of the brochure, combined with consultation with experts, dispels some doubts as to investment opportunities on the real estate markets.

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