The State of Wind Energy in Poland in 2016

The State of Wind Energy in Poland

“The State of Wind Energy in Poland in 2016” is a specific compendium of knowledge on the situation in the Polish wind energy sector. The publication was prepared together with the TPA Poland advisory, Clifford Chance legal office, and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. The report contains the comparison of the situation in Poland and abroad, as well as the presentation of legal and economic conditions which influence investments, the profitability analysis of wind installations, summary of the situation on the market of the offshore wind energy, and many other issues important for the current and future situation of renewable energy sources in Poland.

Investors’ situation

The situation of investors is getting worse every month hence the final shape of the regulations and the date of their coming into force is essential for the whole wind energy sector. At present, the bill is, on the one hand, a light in the tunnel forecasting, among others, the reinstatement of windmill taxation with the real estate tax according to the same rules which apply to other types of power plants. Nevertheless it still does not address two really important problems.

Law regulations

In the recent days, the MPs of the Law and Justice presented to the Sejm the second bill amending the RES Act which concerns the changes to the manner of calculating the compensatory payment covered by energy companies instead of producing a specifically defined amount of green energy. It does not solve the problem of oversupply of green certificates however, and instead of improving the situation of RES installations, it may even deteriorate it.


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