Our TPA Retail Team has been established to serve companies operating in the retail sector. Services of the team are primarily addressed to tenants and owners of shopping centres and similar facilities, as well as developers and construction companies involved in the construction of shopping centres and investment funds operating in the commercial real estate sector and fund managers.

TPA advisors have the knowledge and extensive experience in handling companies operating in the retail sector.

Combination of practical experience with the knowledge of tax and accounting regulations allows us to offer specialist products, including:

  • Tax reviews and identification of potential sources of tax optimisation
  • Verification and optimisation of tax issues related to lease agreements
  • Advising clients on correct tax treatment of improvements, renovations and modernizations of leased buildings
  • Advising clients on correct tax treatment of rent-free periods or service charges
  • Verification and optimisation of depreciation write-downs by allocating higher depreciation rates, assessment of correct determination of the initial value of  leasehold investments
  • Verification of application of real estate tax rates and optimisation of real estate tax charged on buildings, structures and land
  • Implementation of procedures and optimisation of settlement of stock loses
  • Advising on tax compliance of employee benefits, events, and business entertainment costs.