Tax Proceedings and Litigations


TPA Tax Proceedings Team is made up of experienced tax advisors with economic and legal education backgrounds, specialising in assisting and representing businesses during all stages of tax as well as court and administrative proceedings.

Our objective is to reach the conclusion of proceedings at the earliest possible stage. In the case of audit or post-audit proceedings, we aim to achieve optimum results even before the decision is issued by the authority.

We develop a variant strategy of participation in administrative and procedural activities, including comprehensive proceedings at all stages in the role of a legal representative on the basis of the granted power of attorney.

We provide support for assembling evidence materials, we obtain necessary expert appraisals and organise formal and organisational side of the proceedings.

We draw up all types of pleadings, including appeals against decisions, appeals to administrative courts and cassation appeals, as well as all types of letters connected with the ongoing functioning of taxpayers (enquiries and applications to tax offices, etc.).

We ensure assistance for hearings and provision of explanations.


As a rule, we cooperate with our clients under the legal representation formula, i.e. in the role of an attorney which allows professional coordination of the flow of information and prevents misunderstandings, delays or procedural breaches.

Alternatively or additionally, we provide advice to clients at all stages of proceedings, also with regard to the duties and responsibilities of members of the Management Board, proxies and employees responsible for the company’s tax settlements.

By handling our clients’ business we first and foremost take care of their legal and economic interests. Depending on the type of proceedings or their subject, we use the knowledge and experience of external experts and accepted authorities in the field of national or international law.


We also offer also a number of services of preventive nature, from practical training sessions and workshops devoted to the participation in administrative proceedings, through organisation and monitoring of functions in the enterprise which are critical from the point of view of tax risk management, to the development of comprehensive instructions as well as settlement and proceeding procedures.

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