TPA Poland moves up in the 15th ranking by Rzeczpospolita daily

16. April 2021 | Reading Time: 4 Min

TPA Poland is the 8th largest tax advisory firm in terms of revenue in Poland, according to the Rzeczpospolita’s ranking of Tax Advisory Firms. That is up one place compared to last year’s edition. It is a great success given that 65 companies participated in the ranking and the period evaluated was the difficult year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The editorial team acknowledged a PLN 2.5 million increase in our revenue from tax services in 2020 compared to 2019. TPA Poland was also ranked 9th in terms of the number of tax advisors, which is also a one notch rise. Another appreciated success is our activity in the region. In Wielkopolska province we are the undisputed leader among tax consulting firms.

Wojciech Sztuba, Managing Partner, TPA Poland, in his comment for Rzeczpospolita noted that the tax advisory sector has shown considerable resilience in the face of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. A key advantage here has been the ability of this sector to digitize customer service, implement modern electronic reporting tools, but also to streamline remote communication with customers and the tax administration.

“This is a permanent change that will accelerate the automation and efficiency of the tax function in general, including tax advisory services. It creates a new area of competition for traditional consulting firms, but also new benefits from the perspective of industry clients. If this is combined with a strong increase in effective taxation and tax risk, which we have been observing for years in almost all sectors of economy, I predict that tax experts will not complain about the lack of work in the near future,” said Wojciech Sztuba.

“Such a good ranking score is, as always, the result of the work of our entire team of wonderful tax professionals. I would like to thank all of our advisors and experts for their dedication and collaborative spirit, without which this success would not have been possible. I would also like to congratulate other awarded companies and I wish all of us that the near future will allow stabilization of business for us and our clients,” added Wojciech Sztuba.

In the ranking, the TPA Poland team was also recognized for the number of listed companies serviced.

Listed companies, as well as other large business entities, pay increasing attention to the issue of ensuring the highest quality and transparency of their tax settlements and the appropriate shape of tax risk management policies. Among the new consulting services that are increasingly in demand are those that assist major companies in the application process for participation in the Cooperation Program. This program is a new form of cooperation between the National Revenue Administration (KAS) and large entrepreneurs, based on mutual trust and understanding and transparency beyond statutory obligations. Although there are many benefits for the taxpayer to participating in the Cooperation Programme, switching to this form of interaction with the IRS obviously requires adequate preparation. And this is where advisory firms come to the rescue, offering a package of specialized services such as an independent tax audit, comprehensive support for the company in developing a tax strategy and creating a tax risk management system, as well as a number of other internal procedures and mechanisms aimed at the best possible control of tax matters in the company,” said Joanna Henzel, tax advisor, Manager, Tax Advisory, TPA Poland.

In addition, she emphasized that consulting services regarding new obligations to report the implementation of the tax strategy, as well as the reporting of so-called tax schemes (MDR), are also in high demand from listed companies. Among the services for which demand remains at a stable level are those related to the area of transfer pricing. Major companies are also coming back to the execution of restructuring plans previously suspended due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is impacting the return of broadly defined transaction advisory services.

The chapter of the contest also appreciated TPA Poland’s website, awarding us 29.5 points, where the leader received 40. This gave us the 9th place in this category.

“We are pleased that our website has been recognized. Our experts analyze legal regulations, important interpretations or rulings on an ongoing basis and publish them on our website and blog. All of this in order to keep taxpayers updated on key issues. In our publications, we also like to share information about transactions advised on by our experts,” concludes Agnieszka Sieczka, Marketing & BD Manager, TPA Poland.

The full results of the Ranking can be found in the issue of Rzeczpospolita daily dated April 15, 2021.

TPA Poland moves up in the 15th ranking by Rzeczpospolita daily_Press release_2021_04_15
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