We stand with Ukraine

28. February 2022 | Reading Time: 1 Min

We are watching the recent events in Ukraine with concern. The catastrophic effects of the war can already be seen today. We cannot and will not remain indifferent to the tragedy of millions of civilian citizens of this country.

We want to help both the refugees reaching Poland and the people remaining in Ukraine. The needs are immense – from food, medicine, to clothing and other necessities – and every zloty is worth its weight in gold.

That is why we decided to support the action of the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) for the refugees from Ukraine and the civilian population remaining in Ukraine. The PAH has been supporting refugees and victims of armed conflicts since the 1990s and we believe that the funds entrusted to them will be spent in the best possible way.

We have set up a dedicated moneybox on www.siepomaga.pl/tpaforukraine. We will donate the funds collected here through the PAH to help the victims of this war.

Join the fundraising

We strongly encourage all of our business partners, associates, friends and acquaintances to participate in this fundraiser and thank them in advance for all of their contributions.

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