We focus on developing knowledge and deep understanding of the environment in which our Clients operate – so as to more effectively help them achieve their strategic objectives and develop efficient accounting systems and management processes. We provide our Clients with solutions that are compatible with the currently applicable accounting and tax laws. 

Our services are not limited only to the standard audit procedures, including:

  • Audit and review of annual financial statements drawn up in line with the Accounting Act
  • Audit and review of financial statements drawn up in line with international standards (HB II, IFRS, US GAAP)
  • Conversion of financial statements drawn up in line with the Polish Accounting Act into financial statements drawn up in line with international regulations, including without limitation HB II, IFRS, US GAAP
  • Audit of annual and review of semi-annual financial statements prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards.

In addition to financial audits, we offer the following services, without limitation:

  • Business consulting in the field of finance and accounting, and in particular advising on restructuring and mergers
  • Advising on the management and optimisation of the use of resources
  • Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Preparation of comprehensive financial reporting packages in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Monitoring the financial situation of companies to maintain the funding from banks and other institutions
  • Review of internal control systems (including in order to reduce the risk of fraud)
  • Training on correct preparation of quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports submitted by issuers of securities
  • Training in Polish Accounting Act and International Financial Reporting Standards.