Fiscal Representative

Entrepreneurs without headquarters or a fixed place of business within the territory of the EU, are obliged to register in Poland for VAT purposes and to appoint a fiscal representative.

The appointment of a fiscal representative is followed by a written agreement with an entitled business entity.
The fiscal representative is legally responsible for tax liabilities of the foreign entity he represents. He is also obliged to take specific actions on behalf of the entity and to fulfil its tax obligations.


Due to high requirements towards the fiscal representatives and considerable risks that lie on them, their offer in Poland is very limited.
Based on the experience and extensive expert knowledge of its tax advisors, TPA Poland offers the services a Fiscal Representative in a very unique, innovative and safe formula.
For many years now, as a Fiscal Representative, we have been representing our clients but in our own name. Treating your business as our own, we are jointly and severally liable for your tax liabilities


The support provided by TPA Poland encompasses:

  • conducting the process of registration of foreign entities in Poland for the VAT purposes
  • drawing up and submitting VAT returns, summary information and INTRASTAT declarations on behalf of our clients
  • keeping and storing documentation and records for VAT purposes in compliance with Polish tax law regulations
  • assisting or representing our clients in contacts with tax administration authorities
  • consultancy in pending tax issues, in particular with regard to operations conducted by foreign entities, subjected to VAT taxation in Poland
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Fiscal Representative


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