Construction Industry

Construction - TPAOur team of TPA advisors for the Real Estate industry offers specialized consulting services and current real estate development and construction companies implementing projects or subcontracting in the construction of buildings and infrastructure, including highways, roads and bridges. 

The solutions are based on years of industry-specific experience and excellent knowledge of tax and accounting laws as well as construction regulations and practice.

Our experience comes from many years of audit and tax services provided to major building and road construction companies in executing the largest and pioneering projects, including A2 motorway construction in public-private partnership formula. 

Our most important sector-specific products include:

  • Support of the pre-investment process (due diligence, tax planning of the investment model etc.)
  • Support of the investment project (business evaluation, assistance in price negotiations, tax optimisation of the construction process, investment financing etc.)
  • Planning of the operating phase (optimisation of operating activity upon completion of the investment)
  • Exit strategy (developing project resale strategy which is optimal from the tax point of view)
  • Audit and financial consulting services (including, without limitation, audit of financial statements and consolidation packages)
  • Advising with regard to accounting (including, without limitation, budgeting, cost accounting,economic & financial analyses)
  • Representing clients in tax proceedings and litigations.