Family Businesses

We provide family businesses with advice on tax and legal issues – tailored to their personal needs and goals. We support family businesses in the succession process, helping to transfer assets to successors. We specialize in the optimal planning of business development and its restructuring in order to secure family assets and eliminate risk factors involved in business activity. We prepare family enterprises for sale, and safely guide the owners through the sale transaction to an external investor.

All these services are provided by dedicated project teams consisting of carefully selected tax advisors and accountants of TPA Poland, as well as the auditors and business advisors of our business line Baker Tilly TPA. Legal support at every project stage is provided by the law firm Baker Tilly Legal Poland, which is part of the TPA group in Poland and an independent member of the global Baker Tilly International network.


We assist in planning and conducting business reorganization, including mergers, divisions and transformations of companies. We advise family businesses in choosing a legal- and tax-efficient form for their business activities.

Family constitutions and family strategy

We support families in drawing up, implementing and managing family constitutions. We take care of the interests of all family members.


We advise family businesses on planning the succession process. We create financially effective models for the protection of family members, and establish a legal and tax framework for the transfer of assets.

We help family businesses to introduce successors to the family business early enough and design the legal framework for the management of the business by seniors and successors.

Enterprise valuation

We perform valuation of enterprises both for internal needs and potential sales using recognized expert valuation methods taking into account the specificity of the business. We also support activities aimed at improving the efficiency and value of the business.

Preparation of and assistance in the sales process

We advise family enterprises in reorganization processes aimed at preparing part or all of their business for sale to an external investor.
We help in choosing the investor and support the owners of family undertakings in the process of selling the business, including transaction modeling, preparing transaction documentation, negotiating the terms of a commercial operation, and at the post-transaction phase negotiating with regard to the signed contract. We guide the family safely through the whole transaction process.

Acquisitions – support in the process

We comprehensively carry out the acquisition processes, offering verification of the potential acquisition target through legal, tax and financial due diligence. We take part in the negotiation process, finalization of the acquisition transaction and integration of the new company into the existing structure.

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