Real Estate

TPA Real Estate Advisory - investment and property transaction

TPA provided transaction consulting for foreign funds that have acquired real estate with the total value 4 billion euros in Poland. The combination of expert knowledge with industry practice and extensive transactional and project experience allow us to bring real value to the investment processes in which we are involved. 

We provide support at every stage of the process in keeping, to the highest possible degree, with the Client’s needs and objectives, and with the acceptable risk level.

We have a unique experience in tax optimisation, transaction risk mitigation, transaction preparation, contracting and closing, settlement negotiations, valuation of commercial real estate, and in providing specialized consulting services for the hotel real estate industry.

We work primarily with:

  • Investment funds (open and closed ended)
  • Banks financing real estate investments
  • Other entities that invest in commercial real estate (office, retail, warehouse, hotel properties)
  • Companies whose assets consist of real estate.

Some of our key products in the real estate sector include:

  • Support of the pre-investment process (due diligence, tax planning of the investment model etc.)
  • Support of the investment (business evaluation, assistance in price negotiations, tax optimisation of the construction process, investment financing etc.)
  • Planning of the operating stage (optimisation of operating activity upon completion of the investment)
  • Exit strategy (developing project resale strategy optimal from the tax point of view)
  • Audit and financial consulting services (including, without limitation, audit of financial statements and consolidation packages)
  • Accounting and tax outsourcing  
  • Representing Clients in tax and administrative proceedings and litigations.