Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing

Growing competition prompts businesses to continuously improve efficiency in various areas of compliance. One of the solutions that the owners as well as operational and financial directors increasingly often reach for is the outsourcing of secondary activities, including HR, payroll and accounting.

Our experience shows that external professionals by taking over the responsibility for the current and routine duties, give added value to organisations and enhance the efficiency of financial & accounting departments. At the same time, outsourcing helps to reduce costs, mainly by eliminating the need to hire new employees while lowering payroll, social security and training expenses. In addition, outsourcing frees up the costs of implementing, maintaining and supporting personnel, payroll, financial & accounting systems, allowing organizations to focus on core business functions.

We are a provider of payroll and accounting outsourcing services. The proposed solutions in this area meet the highest quality and confidentiality standards they are reasonably priced and practical, and, perhaps most importantly they are effective.