Taxes in residential projects for rent

The vast majority of housing stock in Poland is still privately owned. Institutional Built-to-Rent market is still emerging and concentrated in larger cities, but growing significantly year by year. Social changes also serve this purpose. For these reasons, we are in a very interesting momentum on the market. The growing interest in housing projects for rent on the institutional rental market in Poland is more and more visible. Poland offers a scalable business – a polycentric city structure offers investment opportunities in more than one central city. Investors can count on higher initial profitability than in Western and Southern Europe or in the Nordic countries. The Polish market is characterized by a high potential for growth in rental rates and for increasing the value of capital.

Our experience in working for foreign investors co-creating the institutional rental market for housing projects in Poland shows a strong information need of participants of this market.

  • How to structure a project?
  • How to structure the forward funding?
  • What about the tax aspects, in particular VAT?
  • Does the volatility of the legal and tax environment in Poland favor or inhibit the investment market?

We provide you with our experience and knowledge in answering these questions and support in Build-To-Rent projects – we encourage you to contact our experts.


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