Organisational culture


Our mission is to provide our clients with an appropriate level of security and effectiveness of their business and to provide functional relief for them in those areas which they can entrust us with, while focusing on their own strategic goals. We want to be a trusted advisor, which is why long-term relationships and supporting the development of our clients is the greatest satisfaction in our daily work.


We do not have to be the biggest but we want to operate in the group of “big players” of the Polish consulting market, offering the highest quality of integrated consulting services to large and medium-sized domestic and international enterprises investing in Poland. We want to continuously enjoy high recognition from our clients, employees, specialists from selected industries, as well as our competitors and the media; the recognition due to our competences, professionalism, speed and flexibility in our operation, business experience, as well as high standards of communication, also in English and German.


Our organization employs people with passion, ambitious and focused on development. Together with our employees, we want to build a pro-development organisational culture based on mutual respect, trust and professionalism. The knowledge and skills of our employees are our common capital which we continuously invest in.

In our daily work we are guided by the following values:

  • Commitment – We form an active, integrated team that trusts one another, based on positive and lasting relationships on the local and international level, cooperating closely with customers and excellently specialized in selected sectors of the economy.
  • Cooperation – We cooperate with one another because we understand that together we will achieve our vision and reach the company’s goals more efficiently, and that this way we learn more effectively and achieve our personal goals.
  • Development – We systematically develop our skills, gain knowledge and experience, explore the business environment of our clients and quickly adapt to new circumstances.
  • Growth – We are aware that the continuous increase of the quality of our services, both in local offices and in the global structure, constitutes the main factor behind the development of our company and the shaping of its future.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We know how important the responsibility of our company towards local communities is. Our activities consist mainly in pro bono work and employee volunteering. In addition, each year we allocate a portion of our budget to charitable activities coordinated by a dedicated Charity team consisting of dedicated TPA employees. Not only members of the Charity team, but all our employees are willing to get involved in various initiatives such as fundraising, individual assistance and charity sports events.

Our team is involved in a number of projects to help those who need support. So far we have managed to:

  • Support Primary School No. 1 in Parczew
  • Sponsor Maltese Charitable Concerts
  • Fulfill the dreams of members of “Mam marzenie” Foundation’s charges
  • Organize “Akcja korek” campaign based on collecting plastic bottle tops – money collected this way will be donated to a charitable cause we have selected together.
  • Support Children’s Homes in Poznań and in Warsaw
  • Our employees are involved each year in “Szlachetna Paczka” project.
  • Prepare Christmas parcels for Warsaw insurgents as part of the “Paczka dla Bohatera” action
  • Collect clothes for a Foundation supporting the professional activity of young people
  • Support a Children’s Home in Zabrze
  • Support the Lone Mother’s House in Poznan.