TPA sees itself as your partner – a partner on your level and one you can rely on at all times. For us the following is true:

To be a consultant means to be a partner

As a forward-looking service provider with great commitment, we consider ourselves partners of our clients and take responsibility for our quality and success. We produce integrated solutions and assist in their implementation. We always deploy our technical know-how, project and industry experience and high communication skills. Striving to be always a step ahead of the present.

Local and global

TPA is a dynamic and independent consulting firm comprising tax advisors, auditors, accountants and business advisors. A number of local offices in Central and Eastern Europe allow us to stay close to our clients. Besides, a leading international network of Baker Tilly International is at our and our clients’ disposal worldwide.

All-rounders and specialists

Teamwork is of utmost importance at TPA. All-rounders work with specialists and specialists work with all-rounders – to the benefit of our clients. Thanks to this approach to the development of our employees, we can provide comprehensive and interdisciplinary services, and our employees are constantly developing and gaining new experience.

12 Countries – 1 Company

TPA is one of the leading tax advisory and auditing companies in CEE. We employ approximately 1700 employees in Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

We support our clients in English, German and in each national language in all these countries. Rich cross-border experience of our experts derived from dozens of projects executed together creates real value for clients operating in the multinational environment of the CEE region.

Success and Growth

As a result of our success and continuous growth, we managed to create unique conditions for professional development of our employees. We pay great attention to ongoing technical and soft skills training. We watch and well manage our most talented people and offer exceptional career paths for high performers and high potentials.

Respect and team spirit

Mutual respect, team spirit and openness are the hallmarks of our corporate culture. We encourage an extensive exchange of ideas and constructive feedback. We strive to maintain high motivating, positive and respectful work environment that both supports individual development and ensures work/life balance.