Polish Living Sector 2.0

What are the key aspects influencing the rental housing market? Are institutional investors already a standard in Poland? How will the generational change affect the popularity of renting?

Download the latest report “Polish living sector 2.0”, in which TPA Poland, Baker Tilly Legal Poland and JLL experts summarize the most important information about the institutional real estate market for rent in Poland.

Living sector

It is not just multi-family residential buildings. It includes a much wider range of facilities such as private dormitories, nursing and retirement homes. This sector is already the second largest asset class, both globally and in Europe.

VAT in the acquisition and rental of real estate

The method of acquiring residential property for institutional rental is usually determined by the investor’s ability to deduct VAT, but the VAT rate varies depending on the type of property.

However, VAT is not the only tax relevant to investors. Find out more about other tax aspects crucial to an investor’s financial model, important legal issues and an up-to-date analysis of the living sector in Poland in the latest report “Polish living sector 2.0″. For more on our services to the real estate sector, please check Real Estate section.

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