How can I join the TPA Team?

If you have found a job offer which is of interest to you, you can apply to us by sending your application documents via a website or in response to a recruitment announcement. After the positive completion of all recruitment stages we will welcome you in our team.

Where are TPA offices?

In Poland we have offices in Poznań, Warsaw and Katowice. In Europe we are present in 12 countries and we have 30 offices in total.

Do I have to have professional experience in order to apply for an traineeship?

No. We accept mainly people without any professional experience for traineeships.

Is there a possibility of employment after the completion of a traineeship?

Yes, traineeship is an introduction to the development of your professional career. Many of our employees started their career in TPA from the position of a trainee and were promoted in our structure even to the role of a Partner.

What if I have not found a job/traineeship offer online in the department that interests me?

In the absence of an offer of interest to you – send us your application using the application form, we will contact you if an offer matching your expectations appears.

Where will I find information about current recruitments?

Information about open recruitment processes may be found on our website, recruitment portals and in the career offices operating at universities.

Does the recruitment team notify candidates if they fail to complete the interview stage?

Yes, after the completed recruitment we notify all persons who participated in the recruitment process about the outcome.