Private Revenue Optimisation

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We highly value business ideas of Polish entrepreneurs and we appreciate their inventiveness in breaking bureaucratic barriers. We know from experience that Polish companies are able to compete effectively in the global marketplace. Suggesting practical solutions, building lasting value and working together with people who achieve business and private successes is our passion.

We share our unique knowledge and extensive experience gained in working with Polish entrepreneurs, shareholders of commercial companies, medium-level and senior executives and expatriates. Our advisors can help you safely optimise the taxation of your business, whatever its legal form. We help you manage your business and tax risks. Together we work out individual succession plans of owners and partners who want to transfer their business to successors. We offer net revenue maximisation tools for managers without increasing the costs for employers, tax-efficient incentive systems, including stock option plans, and work out the concepts of international secondments. These are just some examples. Either way, the final solution is highly customized, tailored to suite the given situation and your expectations.

We are proud of the successes of our clients and look forward to every opportunity to support their growth. We invite you to talk to us about possible tax solutions that are identified based on safety, measurable results and potential for generating long-term competitive advantage.

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