The “Onshore wind energy in Poland” report

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The “Onshore wind energy in Poland” report is a compendium of knowledge on the wind energy sector in Poland in 2021.

As Wojciech Sztuba points out: “After years of stagnation, the Polish onshore wind energy market has once again entered a very dynamic phase of development. There are several reasons. First, the outcome of the auctions that took place in the years 2018-2020 triggered the construction of about 4 GW of new plants. During this time, wind has become the cheapest source of energy in Poland, due in part to the dramatic increase in the price of CO2 emission allowances, which has permanently rendered coal-fired power plants uncompetitive. On the other hand, technological advances in the wind industry are resulting in a steady and rapid decline in unit manufacturing cost and thus a sustained increase in the competitiveness of wind turbines compared to other energy generation technologies. Second, all signs point to an impending relaxation of the distance limit referred to as the ‘10H rule’, which will not only allow the wind portfolio to continue to grow, but also allow it to be expanded with state-of-the-art turbine types. Third, the energy transition and decarbonization has now become a megatrend that will revolutionize not only the methods of power generation, but also how it is consumed. Social attitudes towards ecology and willingness to face the challenges of halting human-generated climate change are an rapidly evolving trend, also in Poland. These and other circumstances form today a special combination of favorable economic, social and political conditions for investments in Polish wind energy.”


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„Onshore wind energy in Poland” (pdf PL/EN):


The report was prepared by experts from TPA Poland and Baker Tilly TPA, the Polish Wind Energy Association (PSEW) and the DWF Poland law firm, who outline the prospects for the sector’s development, as well as point to new business opportunities opening up.

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