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19. August 2020 | Reading Time: 2 Min

TPA Poland takes cooperation with Baker Tilly International to another level. As of today, audit and business consulting services will be provided under the Baker Tilly TPA brand.

“The launch of our audit and business consulting and services under the Baker Tilly TPA brand is the result of our decision a few years ago to join the global Baker Tilly International network. For formal reasons, this is a partial rebranding for the time being, as the majority of our services, i.e. tax consultancy, real estate consultancy and accounting outsourcing, will continue to be provided under the well-known TPA  brand. Legal services for our clients will also continue to be provided under the Baker Tilly Woroszylska Legal brand, which has been using the global brand since the beginning,” commented Dr Wojciech Sztuba, Managing Partner, TPA Poland.

Baker Tilly International is a global advisory network and a brand recognized in many industries, which guarantees access to best market practices and extensive expertise.

“Establishing the Baker Tilly TPA brand is our response to the changing market conditions, but first and foremost, it strengthens the audit and business consulting segment in our organization. A global brand is of particular importance in respect of these services, as it is a proof of the company’s international reach and the highest and uniform standards. I am convinced that our decision will bring tangible benefits for our clients, opening up new fields for cooperation and ensuring a wider access to the resources of the global Baker Tilly International network,” added Krzysztof Horodko, Managing Partner, TPA Poland and Baker Tilly TPA.

The new brand will not affect the legal continuity of any agreements or arrangements. It will also have no impact on our ongoing cooperation with clients. TPA Poland remains one company, with the same team of nearly 300 people, offering its services under two robust brands.

The company has also launched a special website www.bakertilly.pl presenting full information on rebranding and the way in which particular consulting and outsourcing services are branded.

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