Deferral of payment of ZUS contributions

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Employment aspects

If, due to the coronavirus epidemic, an entrepreneur has problems paying current contributions or dues, which result from a previously concluded agreement with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) to pay the debt in installments or defer the payment deadline, they can use simplified forms of aid:

  • deferral of the deadline to pay contributions for the period from February to April 2020 by 3 months,
  • suspension for 3 months of the implementation of the agreement concluded with ZUS, where the deadline to pay installments or contributions had been set in the period from March to May 2020, and thus extension of the deadline for implementation of the concluded agreement by 3 months.

In order to take advantage of the relief, one should submit an appropriate application(it can be submitted online)

Learn more about specific regulations from the article: Overview of the premises of the „anti-crisis shield” – employment issues

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