Tax Compliance Management System – TPA Poland proposal


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer including support in the implementation of the Tax Compliance Management System.

The following document presents detailed information on the Tax Compliance Management System (Tax CMS) – a tool unique on polish market offered by TPA Poland.

The implementation of the comprehensive Tax CMS significantly improves the legal security of both the company and its authorities. Even in the event of irregularities detected in the course of inspections, the risk of an allegation of improper diligence, which is considered in the criminal tax law as a sufficient premise of intentional guilt, enabling the prosecution of tax offenses, significantly decreases.

In addition, having a Tax CMS allows you to meet the conditions for concluding a cooperation agreement, which for many companies and their authorities will be a desirable form of risk protection and obtaining additional privileges.

If you have any questions or want to analyze the possibility of introducing this tool in your company, or to verify the possible benefits of this implementation, please contact our experts.

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