Minimum Income Tax (on commercial real estate)

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The deadline for payment of the minimum tax for March-May 2020 has been extended until 20 July 2020*, provided that the taxpayer meets jointly all of the following conditions:

  • the taxpayer has suffered negative economic consequences in a given month due to COVID-19,
  • the taxable revenue earned by the taxpayer in a given month is at least 50% lower compared to the corresponding month of the previous tax year, and in the case of a taxpayer who started operating in 2019 – compared to the average revenue earned in that year.

The above condition of revenue reduction does not apply to taxpayers who:

  • applied a form of taxation where revenues are not determined in 2019,
  • commenced operations in the last quarter of 2019 and did not obtain tax revenues in that period,
  • commenced operations in 2020.

The average tax revenue is calculated by dividing the tax revenue earned in the year in which the taxpayer commenced business activity by the number of months in which this activity was conducted.


*Under the provisions of Anti-COVID Tax Shield 4.0. the above regulations were replaced and a temporary exemption from the tax on revenues from buildings (minimal CIT) was introduced. It will be used by owners of rented / leased or leased buildings with a value exceeding PLN 10 million (tax free basis).

 The new solution applies to everyone, regardless of whether any conditions are met.

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