Ewa Znamierowska

Ewa Znamierowska has extensive experience in providing professional book-keeping services dedicated to national and international companies, especially in the real estate, service and trade sectors.

In 1990 Ewa started working as an independent accountant. In 1992-2004 she worked at the Accounting Services Department at Ernst & Young where, as a senior manager, she was responsible for accounting projects comprising full accounting services from posting business operations through inspection of accounting entries to tax returns and financial statements, as well as for consulting projects concerning due diligence support in enterprise sales or feasibility studies.

In 2005 Ewa started her co-operation with TGC Tax Advisors/Contract Administration where, as a Team Leader, she was responsible for supervising the accounting team supporting international companies in the service and trade sectors as well as representative offices of foreign companies.

Since May 2006 Ewa has been a managing partner of TPA Poland. She graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). She is a licensed bookkeeper as well as a registered tax advisor.


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